Having a specific trust writted into your Will can be of huge benefit if your circumstances dictate, enabling you to have a say in how your money or property is used after your death:-

Property Trust/Life Interest Trust

Creating a Property Trust/Life Interest Trust in your Will can safeguard your assets for children/loved ones, in regard to potential care fees.

Also protect assets for your children if your spouse were to re-marry.

Discretionary Trust

Creating a discretionary Trust in your Will can:-

·      Protect family members who are experiencing financial or personal difficulties
·      Reduce or eliminate your inheritance tax liability
·      Protect the benefits of the disabled

Flexible Lifetime Trust

This Trust as the name suggests is set up in your lifetime rather than in your Will. It is possible to put your house into a Trust in your lifetime, ensuring your home/assets goes to your children rather than waiting until you are no longer here.