Everyone knows that they should make a will but until very recently most of us didn’t for one reason or another. Over the last ten years more people within the UK have started to act and have Wills written to avoid dying intestancy.

What is intestancy?

Put plainly, it is dying without a will which oftens causes delays and unplanned expenses for those left behind when a friend or loved one dies.

Unmarried partners and children from previous marriages have no rights to inherit under intestacy. Many unmarried partners find that they have reduced rights and could end up with very little with the assets of the estate being transferred to the next of kin. Making a will prevents this from happening and will ensure your partner receives your estate.

Guardians for our children

It’s not something we want to think about, but should anything happen to us we would want our children to grow up and be looked after by someone we know and trust. By creating a will you can state who you want as guardians for your children, protecting their future.

A will can also ensure that you have control over who deals with your affairs after you’ve gone; it can provide support for a charity/good cause for example, and most of all give you much needed peace of mind that everything will be taken care of after you’ve gone.

Don’t forget…an out of date will can also lead to issues, so make sure you review yours today.